Seaford Pond

The fish are enjoying their new surroundings-aerated water and a new filter system.

Heathfield raised pond

A small raised pond which suffered from a major blanket-weed infestation. Cleared with specialist treatment.

Bexhill waterfall pond

A well maintained pond in Bexhill which benefits from a lovely waterfall. Netting to keep the seagulls away.

Willingdon pond

A silted pond in Willingdon which is now clean and fitted with an internal pump/ fountain and UV.

Hastings goldfish pond

Hastings goldfish pond after a full clean and new netting.

Hailsham raised pond

One of my favourite small ponds-quite enchanting.

Hailsham raised pond 2
Power washing

Carefully cleaning the edging stones of a lined waterfall leading to a goldfish pond.

Seaford pond 2

A restored pond after a very necessary clean. New filter and fountain also fitted. Lovely.

Old Town Pond 1

A now transformed pond after receiving a new all in one filter/pump and UV system.

Fish re-stocking

Carefully removing a large Koi from its oxygenated holding tank.

Old Town pond 2

There is a pond and waterfall in there, somewhere..!

Re-stocking 2

Re-stocking a one acre pond with large Koi. What a fantastic job!

Longest waterfall

Lovely pond- tasked to clean the longest waterfall I have ever encountered in a garden. New large box filter also fitted.

Stone Cross pond

A pretty lined pond and waterfall in Stone Cross which was fully cleaned and returned to A1 condition.

A wildlife pond pond with dedicated frog

A nature pond which needed a lily trim & a new net. Note the raised entrance/ exit point for the frogs!

Iris pond

Although pretty,these irises had long ago overtaken the pond and needed to be trimmed/ removed.

Iris pond 2

Now cleared of the irises, the pond has benefited from a new filter system, and fish that can be seen!

Seaford Pond

25 years without a clean! We had to cut out the plants with a saw! But what a difference a day...or three...makes...

Fairlight pond- before

Recently sorted out a neglected nature pond- more blanket weed than usual but now clean!

Seaford Pond after the refit

Pond cleaned, rips in liner repaired, re-potted lilies & irises, and a new filter/UV and fountain.

Fairlight pond- afterwards

Pond after the clean

Smelliest pond ever!

Although small, this pond came with a health warning! After some fish loss, the client called and asked for a pond rescue! Foliage was reduced and after the pond was cleaned, a new filter system was introduced.

Old Town, Eastbourne

This formal pond needed a major clear out- the filter UV was repaired and rather than being an eyesore- the pond now enhances the owner's garden.

Wilmington pond

I love this pond! situated in the courtyard of a 'Grand Designs' home, the architect incorporated a viewing gallery along with a wine glass holder to help the owner enjoy the pond!

Hastings Pond

A secluded garden pond, carefully cleaned and restored.

Seaford Garden pond

This pond is fitted with a child-proof grid to prevent accidents. A pond and waterfall clean, along with a leak repair to the waterfall itself, has re-invigorated it. The garden will soon be open to members of the public so it had to be clean!

Ringmer lily pond

A beautiful lily pond- benefiting from a lily thinning-out.

Alfriston patio pond

Full of reeds, overgrown- a very messy pond. However, a bit of TLC and a filter system has much improved this pond.

Alfriston - after the clean
Seaford nature pond

The client wanted a 'back to nature' pond, having had her old Koi pond converted to make it manageable.

Massive filter system

The biggest filter system I am currently contracted to maintain.

Eastbourne pond

A wonderful pre-formed pond situated in a tiered garden.

Eastbourne pond 2
Pond re-build

This pond had been neglected for many years, with bamboo piercing the liner.

Pond re-build pic 2

So the client asked for a new look, easy to maintain pond with decking.

Pond re-build Pic 3

After a week, the pond was finished. The height was raised by blocks, capped with York stone. The client has a pond again!

Stone Cross lake

Responsible for management of a local lake.

Stone Cross lake 2

Stone X lake

Hastings Old Rectory

Currently contracted to maintain this lovely goldfish pond amidst very pretty gardens.

Eastbourne pond clean

This pond was re-build last year, and benefited from a Spring-clean

Denton-Before clean

Before- Dirty green water and a foul smell led the owner to commission TPCC to clean and fit a suitable filter/UV and fountain.

Afterwards- Denton refurb

After-a fantastic transformation!!

Crowborough Pond

A beautiful day in the office

Nature pond before renovation

A neglected nature pond- tasked to restore to its former glory!

Nature pond- after renovation

Emptied, cleaned, a new filter and pump installed, and plants separated and re-potted.

Koi pond in Uckfield

A lovely pond, once cleaned- the owners now happy with their garden!

Swim-pond (After clean-up)

Same swim-pond, now cleaned. Ready for a refreshing dip...

Same swim-pond.

seen from a different view-point

A swim-pond in Ringmer

A large, lined pool, used as an occasional swim-pond. A general tidy up and removal of excess aquatic plants and algae

Willingdon Pond clean

A complete clean and a repair of the UV system resulted in a lovely clear pond- owners very happy!

A small nature pond

This pond was cleaned and restored. A new filter/ pump & fountain with re-potted aquatic plants.

Goldfish pond

This large goldfish pond was in need of TLC. Emptied, cleaned and re-instated to like new.

Waterfall repair

This waterfall was leaking in two separate locations- re-concreted in places, and re-sealed with G4 sealant= no leaks!

Pre-formed Hailsham pond

Blanket-weed was proving to be a big problem for the owners. Cleaned and treated with a specialist blanket-weed treatment.

Bexhill lilly pool

Maintenance of a lovely feature Lily pool

Herstmonceax Water feature

A revived courtyard fountain which had been blocked for many years.

Pevensey Koi pond

A recently cleaned predominantly Koi pond

Happy fish!

Healthy, clear, balanced water = Happy fish!

Pre-formed pond

Small or large, all ponds can be brought back to looking clean and being healthy

Water statue

A beautiful 1930's style water feature which was repaired and cleaned.

weed gathering operation

A weed clearing operation- a small area cleared at front- tons to go!

Little Common lined pond

This lined 'natural' pond was absolutely full of bull- rushes before being cleared.

Eastbourne pond

Medium pre-formed pond that the owner thought contained no fish...cleaned and 42 goldfish discovered- wow! Happy client.

Eastbourne small pond

Small can be beautiful!

Bexhill waterfall

Transformed a derelict pond & waterfall into something special- Waterfall needed serious rebuild and G4 waterproofing.