Our pond cleaning service

The Pond Cleaning Company offer a full pond draining and cleaning service for all water features, ponds and koi ponds.

Pond cleaning is a necessary process when keeping a natural, fish, lilly or koi pond. The build up of waste and detritus from plants, fish and wildlife is unavoidable, especially if the feature is left to its own devices. A pond eco-system requires a correct balance of plants, fish and filtration. The build up of waste can cause a variety of problems from water quality/clarity and harmful bacteria to fish health problems and disease. This is when a pond cleaning service becomes a necessity.

The Pond Cleaning Company's pond cleaning service keeps your pond in tip top condition allowing you to enjoy your water feature all year round. We offer our cleaning service for any size of pond or water feature up to 10,000 litres.

Do you have a pond or water feature that's looking tired, smelly and generally unattractive?

Is it overstocked with plants? Is it more silt than water? Or has it become too much to manage? 

If your answer is 'yes' to any of the above, then give The Pond Cleaning Company a call!


We offer a friendly service to help with any pond cleaning enquiry.

  Our Cleaning process


 ● Setup of a temporary tank (including oxygen aeration if required)

 ● Pond is then partially drained

 ● Fish and wildlife are carefully removed & stored in the temporary tank

 ● Water features are drained and cleaned

 ● Pond is then completely drained

 ● The pre-formed pond/ liner is power washed 

 ● Plant foliage is trimmed and debris removed from site

 ● Lights cleaned and UV bulbs changed- where required

 ● Filter cleaned & serviced 

 ● Pump cleaned & serviced

 ● Ultra violet clarifier serviced

 ● Leak investigations undertaken

 ● Pond re-filled

 ● Treatments added-dechlorinator & blanket weed inhibitor

 ● The pond is then recommissioned

 ● Fish health checks completed

How much does a pond clean cost?

Each pond is unique so giving a price depends on how much work is needed. We therefore offer a free consultation where we will come to you and provide a quote based on your pond; in that way you know what you're paying with no hidden extra costs at the end of the job.


Most medium sized ponds take a full day to clean usually needing only one member of staff.


Please contact us today to discuss your pond. We are confident that we provide a first class service at very competitive prices.